Our horses

Our horses were mostly born at the farm and bred in our Ranch.

We place great importance on the horses achieving good confidence and ability on terrain from an early age. Our horses are ridden in the Western style.

  • Our Riffe Boy is a stallion born on 03-04-2004.
    Quarter Haflinger. Boy has grown up with us on the Ranch, is father of 4 other horses. He’s a super good-natured pal. He prefers to work like cattle.
  • Our Billy is a Gelding born on 23-04-2007.
    Quarter Haflinger. Billy is the first son of Boy and Comora. Billy is a lovely horse and resembles Boy.
  • Our Coby is a Gelding born on 14-04-2008.
    Quarter Haflinger. Coby is the second son of Boy and full brother of Billy. Very reliable terrain horse.
  • Our Sunny is a Gelding born on 09-05-2008.
    Horse Pony. Sunny is a handsome pinto and has roughly the size of an Iceland pony. It was an unintended mating between our boy and the little pony mare Bianca. However Sunny has developed into a great young horse. Likes to work and is very eager to learn.
  • Our Nalo is a Gelding born on 05-06-2009.
    Quarter Haflinger. Nalo is the 4th son of Boy and an older Haflinger mare Nora. Nalo has inherited the easy run of Boy and is also very hardworking and willing to learn.
  • Our Michelle is a Mare born on 20-04-2001.
    Criolo Arabian. She is our leading mare in the stable and a very human-related horse. She is very persistent and tenacious in long rides and also gives her best as a school horse.
  • Our Ginger is a Mare born on 15-04-2001.
    Arabian Haflinger. Ginger is a very pleasant riding horse,  works diligently as a school horse and on the trail and also in cattle work.
  • Our Bianca is a Pony born on 01-05-2001.
    Pony Pinto. Our little one was already taught the first riding lessons and children are fond of her.